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Album - Groove Brothers

Groove Brothers debut album has been officially released early december 2011 by the Music Fund Slovakia. Two years of work, five recording sessions, and six weeks of post-production. That is a summary of the CD with simple title Groove Brothers, containing 10 original compositions. Nine of them were composed by Vladimír Máčaj, and one by Michal Ragač.

Character of the recording is set by outstanding themes, acoustic instruments, strong rhythm section playing dynamic grooves, accompanied by instrumentally rich brass section. Blend of various music styles of the world forms an interesting genre, with jazz as a major influence. And the most important, compositions are brought to life by creative cooperation and improvisation of all musicians. This is in fact the essence of this project, and the result is an untraditional mosaic of fresh, energy loaded songs.

Project Groove Brothers led by double bassist Vladimír Máčaj exists in various forms since 2008, and this CD is a result of long-time cooperation of these musicians. Heart of the project is the rhythm section, playing together for years: Michal Ragač – piano, Vladimír Máčaj – double bass, Ján Oriško – drums and on this CD they are accompanied by a special guest, Eddy Portella - percussion. This fully loaded rhythm section is joined by brass section consisting of: Rajmund Kákoni – trumpet, and guests: Erik Rothenstein – baritone saxophone, alt saxophone; Michal Motýľ – bass trombone; Nikolaj Nikitin – soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone.

BUY CD: You can find the CD in the Music Fund Slovakia store at Medena street in Bratislava, at the funds e-shop, and soon also at other places. If you would like to order the CD directly from us, just drop us an email to The price is everywhere the same, 11,-Eur (+ postal charge)

Additional CD information

In all songs:
Rajmund Kákoni - trumpet
Michal Ragač - piano
Vladimír Máčaj - double bass
Ján Oriško - drums

Guests are listed separately for every song.

1. Essence - 8:39
Erik Rothenstein - alto saxophone
Michal Motýľ - bass trombone

2. Room 433 - 4:02
Erik Rothenstein - baritone saxophone
Michal Motýľ - bass trombone

3. Silver Lake - 6:21
Nikolaj Nikitin - tenor saxophone

4. Groove Brothers Theme - 3:13
Erik Rothenstein - baritone saxophone
Michal Motýľ - bass trombone
Eddy Portella - percussion

5. Africa Song - 5:15
Nikolaj Nikitin - soprano saxophone
Eddy Portella - percussion

6. Mist - 6:38
Nikolaj Nikitin - soprano saxophone
Michal Motýľ - bass trombone
Eddy Portella - percussion

7. Seven - 5:56
Nikolaj Nikitin - soprano saxophone
Eddy Portella - percussion

8. Drummer - 6:43
Erik Rothenstein - baritone saxophone

9. Crossing the Knom - 3:50
Erik Rothenstein - baritone saxophone

10. Blues for Elvin - 4:30
Erik Rothenstein - baritone saxophone
Michal Motýľ - bass trombone

All songs composed and arranged by Vladimír Máčaj, except:
Crossing the Knom - composed and arranged by Michal Ragač
Essence - co-arranged with Nikolaj Nikitin
Blues for Elvin - co-arranged with Erik Rothenstein and Michal Motýľ

Producer - Vladimír Máčaj
Editing - Vladimír Máčaj, Ján Oriško
Sound Engineers - Miroslav Širáň, Alex Molčanov
Photography - Anna Struhárová
Cover Design - Michal Ragač
Recording - Kamoto Studio, Bratislava, 30.9. – 4.10.2011


There are no new tour dates recently...

● 29. may 2012
Slovak Radio, BA

● 27. september 2011
Café Scherz, BA

● 10. august 2011
Culture Summer, BA


Project GB is frozen...
In the name of all who participated in the project, I want to thank you for your support and I hope we see you soon... VM

Concert in SRo:
Dominik Fuss - trumpet
Fabian Supancic - piano
Ľuboš Brtáň - guitar
Vlado Máčaj - double bass
Ján Oriško - drums 29.05.2012

Personnel changed...